Quality Control Officer


Every prescription we compound is prepared by expert technicians who adhere to the highest standards for quality and consistency. Their activity is carefully monitored by our Quality Control Officer (QCO), who develops, implements, and maintains daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly quality control systems throughout the Lab.

Here are some of the actions our QCO takes to ensure everyone in our Lab is performing at the very peak of performance for quality and consistency. 

Keep all areas of the Quality Control Book, and all staff, current with procedures and changes:

  • Supervise implementation of new and refining of old Standard Operating Procedures 
  • Review all daily logs to ensure proper entry and maintenance
  • Supervise contacting of new prescription patients every week
  • Proctor a written test for all Lab Technicians every two months
  • Carefully document every Lab Technician meeting

Execute and oversee in-house testing protocols: 

  • FTM (Fluid thioglycollate medium) for the detection of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria; TSB (Tryptose soya broth) for the detection of aerobes, facultative anaerobes and fungi
  • Autoclave cleaning
  • Autoclave validation
  • Dry oven - spor view, surface sampling
  • Endotoxin challenge

Sterile Technician Training:

  • Every three months: Didactic review of procedures
  • Every six months: Garbing, Quiz, Fingertip, Aseptic Technique, Hand Hygiene, Cleaning

All Compounding Technicians:

  • Submit compounded prescriptions for potency and stability testing by independent testing facility
  • Maintain meticulous records of compounded prescriptions, including monthly prescription counts for each Lab Technician

Service Staff:

  • Document follow-up call activity for prescriptions to be picked up
  • Ensure that reviews and feedback are being captured from patients