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I fractured my shoulder in three places and had a concussion. A naturopath called in a gel to address all pain, sleep and anxiety. Prescription Lab formulated the most incredible product. I was so impressed. Refilling it again today. Thank you!
Kathy C.

Everyone was so kind and pleasant and are dog lovers. Thank you.
Jane E.

This place is great! They have helped my dog tremendously. 
Arlette G. 

I wanted to share that I really appreciate the great care that I receive when I order by phone and supplements are mailed to my home. I live out of town and cannot drive. You are the best.
Jean D.

My feline daughter, Sprocket, and my feline son, Chainring, are both on medicine. I've been a customer of yours for quite a few years now. I've always been treated with a smile and the utmost respect, always asked how the feline kids are doing etc. Last Saturday, at one o'clock, I picked up Chainring's medicine. Courtney started to ask me how they were, as usual, and i told her Sprocket wasn't with us anymore. I miss her so much. Courtney told me she was sorry to hear that. I truly felt her sincerity. Sprocket was 14 years old and I've had her since she was 2 months young. She truly was my daughter, now my angel. I want Courtney to know how kind she was and how wonderful she made me feel by caring. She made my day for sure. In this day and age, sometimes customer service isn't the greatest. People will take time out of a busy day to complain but rarely do they stop for a couple of minutes to thank someone for excellent customer service, which is why I always take the time to compliment. On Monday, Courtney put a sympathy card in the mail. It warmed my heart and I know that Sprocket is grateful as well. THANK YOU Courtney. KUDOS to you for having a caring heart and going above and beyond. I look forward to continuing to do business with Prescription Lab.
Jessie M.

Good service as usual.
Jay P.

Love the commitment to quality!
Carol S.

Excellent east side location for getting my cat's medicine compounded. Very friendly staff and personal service. 
Stacey B.

Deb and Sarah provided excellent care with my prescription.
Barbara M.

Love the new scent! Really clean and pleasant smelling.
Cheryl G.

Dana is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful pharmacists that I've had the pleasure of speaking with. She helped me by suggesting a product, Natural D-Hist, that has been a life saver in helping to calm my allergies!
Belinda J. 

I love Sarah, Maria, Loretta, and Chris - they're my favorites. This is my first time being a mother of a geriatric cat. I'll tell
you it's hard work, and these gals have made this part of her life tolerable. I sure appreciate them.
Irene S.

What a relief! Clear explanation.
(Julie gets an A+)
Rimi C.

Robin gave me extremely wonderful assistance concerning my pet's dosage and prescription price. He is wonderful!
Maryellen H.

I am very pleased with their courteous and friendly staff.
Janice M.

Great Staff! They go out of their way!
Ellen R.

Denise is always reliable and I recommend my friends to Prescription Lab. She has never let me down!
Tom K.

Using Estroflex helped reduce the harmful estrogens in my body and increased the protective ones. My results are always stellar which is peace of mind for me, because I was high risk breast cancer.
Reesa P.

Have been using Prescription Lab Pharmacy for a number of years to help my companion animals when they become ill. The beauty of compounding is a more precise way of delivering the exact dose our vet prescribes. As a result I feel very confident my pets get exactly what they need when they need it. I'm very grateful this customized medication service is available right in my neighborhood.
Bernard W.

Awesome place and people and service
Doug G. 

Being new to using a compound pharmacy I was a bit intimidated. But the staff not only put me at ease, they made me feel like I was their only client. I want to use them for all my scripts and supplements! Everyone is super knowledgeable and caring. What a great experience!
Susan P.

Awesome associates and great customer service every time!
Jan M. 

Debra always goes the extra mile!
Rebecca A. 

My testosterone works better than other testosterone products I've tried!
Reginald A.

Knowledgeable, accountable, and state of the art! Thank God - a place with integrity!
Erika S. 

Y'all are all so nice! I love you guys! Robin, Chris and Sarah - all experts. 

Everyone is always so helpful, patient and wonderful here! Thank you.
Cathleen S.

Robin was extremely helpful and kind; very attentive. I appreciate the time he spent with us, especially my sister who wasn't supposed to ask questions.
Regina C.

I've been using this pharmacy on and off for probably 12-15 years and have always been happy with everything!

Robin is always very helpful every time I have been in here. Thank you! :) Great job!
Sharon B.

I use the private label prostate and it helps me with not having the urge to get up at night!
Evan P.

They are the problem solvers. Prescription Lab has solutions for just about everything, and they take great care of their customers.

Great place!

The Plastic Surgery made my skin feel dewey, fresh and fabulous!

I have abdominal migraine disease. So many times the ketamine/lidocaine inhaler meds have kept me out of the ER. I am grateful my pain doctor prescribes this.
Janice M.

The doggone best for our dog.
Dave S.

My son uses L-glutamine to help remove lactic acid / muscle knots. He felt the results after several weeks. He no longer has discomfort after his workouts.

Rx Biotic is WONDERFUL! I give this to my dogs and all my foster dogs to help support their immune systems.
Jennifer J. 

Great work

DHEA 25mg by MRM (in conjunction with my prescribed testosterone treatment) has helped alleviate some back problem issues. I’m very happy with this product.
Russel W.

I have been searching for the best topical numbing creams. Wes has been so helpful and knowledgeable. He has taken the time to ensure the best product be made for me. Everything is always so timely and the rest of the staff is great as well!
Callie C. 

Love your counter, it makes the trips with my Mom much more fun!
Ella T.

Very polite and helpful!
Angelyca R.

Thank you for compounding my RX for facial pain, Keto/Gaba/Amit Oral 5/5/5/% Gel. This is a miraculous reliever for pain in my teeth as prescribed by Dr. Bui. Although I cannot take these meds in regular oral doses, the small compounded amounts work very well.
Jill B. 

Thank you Julie for taking time with me, analyzing and making good suggestions & opinions for improving my prescription!
D'Ann H. 

Thank you for compounding in Tapioca Flour. I'm slowly regaining my thyroid health.
Mary M. 

Excellent service! Loretta was very pleasant and efficient. Nice atmosphere.
Diane C.

They go above and beyond... I highly recommend this compounding pharmacy.
Barbara J.

Great location. Amazing, and so knowledgeable and patient.
Errin M.

Julie was very informative and helpful; as were Adrienne and Debra! 
Toni H.

Clean and pleasant atmosphere... everyone is helpful.
J. D.

We have used your pharmacy for a long time.... great service.
L. M.

All the personnel are awesome, professional and personable. Ms. Sarah Trembley is exceptional. You are blessed to have her on your staff.
D. W.

I've used the Private Label products for years and I’ve never dreamt of using anything else.
Jan S.

Kavinace Ultra PM works well for helping me to fall asleep; much more effective than regular Kavinace. Sometimes I also take melatonin within the same time period.

I recommend the Similase and Probiotic. I have noticed my immune system has improved and I feel good overall.

I love my whey powder. Doesn’t upset my stomach, and I love it with almond milk. 

Herpanicine helped with my skin allergies so well! I recommend it to all my friends who could benefit from this!

HCG: for years I’ve used this once a year to maintain the weight that I’d like to be at. It is very helpful. 
Marilyn S.

I used the Yeast Max Cleanse when I was on several antibiotics. I did not feel well at all. After using this I felt amazing. I would recommend to anyone not feeling their best. Jen

AdreCor is the BEST for adrenal fatigue. I have used it for years as I have been in several accidents and am on many medications that drain my energy. I would recommend this even though the price is about $65. It is worth a try if you are looking for relief from a stressful lifestyle.
Shauna K.

Vitamin D 2000 completely turned my numbers around! My doctor specifically sent me here! I love getting rewarded for my purchases
Susan V.