What is a compounding pharmacy?

At regular pharmacies, medicines arrive ready to distribute. At compounding pharmacies, all of the medicine is made from scratch in the pharmacy's lab. Learn more on our Compounding page.

What is a nutraceutical?

A neutraceutical is a supplement that's designed and built to the same high standards as your pharmaceutical medicines. Nutraceuticals are vastly superior to regular supplements, with guaranteed purity and potency. Learn more on our Supplements page.

How do I know how many to take?

Every supplement comes with general guidelines on how many to take each day. However, everyone is unique and you may require a larger or smaller dose, depending on your diet and lifestyle. Do your homework, speak with your healthcare professional, and get labwork done. Your numbers in your lab tests are the best way to know if you're on the right path. 

Can I get some help choosing supplements?

Absolutely. If you're in Tucson, come by anytime and speak with a Lab Technician for direction on which formulas are right for you. If you're not in Tucson, please call Prescription Lab during regular business hours and we'll connect you with a product specialist to answer any questions and provide some guidance. Check the Contact page for our number and hours.