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Co Q-Complete 400


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Vinco's CoQ-Complete 400 is a powerful antioxidant shown to play a major role in the functioning of the immune system, cardiovascular health, and with implications in age related degenerative diseases.

The Crucial Nature of CoQ10
Coenzyme-Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance found in virtually all cells of the human body, including the heart, liver, and skeletal muscles, and in most plant and animal cells.

  • As an antioxidant, CoQ10 protects proteins, LD (“bad”) cholesterol, and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage.
  • As a participant in the production of cellular energy, CoQ10 helps ensure the body’s biggest energy consumers - the heart and the brain - are well-fed.

Thanks to these two crucial functions, CoQ10 can lower blood pressure, enhance cardiac function in patients with cardiomyopathy, improve symptoms of congestive heart failure, relieve angina, and increase recovery from heart attack. Additionally, it may slow the progression and improve the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Of course, none of these benefits can be realized if CoQ10 isn’t absorbed and research indicates that the body uptakes only a small fraction of traditional powder-based (crystalline) CoQ10.

The CoQ10 Absorption Dilemma
In order to be absorbed, all nutrients must first be in a water-soluble form. Unfortunately, because of its structure, CoQ10 is highly lipophilic (fat-loving) and practically insoluble in water. This lipophilic nature makes CoQ10’s absorption:

  • Poor: Less than 6% of orally administered CoQ10 permeates the gastro-intestinal tract into the blood.
  • Highly variable: Some individuals absorb considerably less CoQ10 than others.
  • Strongly dependent on stomach contents: Foods rich in fat enhance absorption.

Making matters worse, CoQ10 is a large molecule, contributing to its poor absorption. Plus, when CoQ10 is produced commercially, crystals are formed that melt when they reach 118°F or 48°C. Upon cooling, CoQ10 recrystallizes, which frequently results in even larger crystals and further lowers CoQ10 bioavailability.

The Crystal-Free CoQ10 Solution
In order to improve bioavailability, some manufacturers have sought to reduce the particle size of CoQ10, thus increasing its surface area. Suspending fine particles in an emulsion or paste is an effective means of increasing bioavailability. However, there is an even more effective solution: achieving complete solubility.

Introducing CoQ-Complete®, a completely soluble, liquid, crystal-free solution of CoQ10 clinically proven to provide superior bioavailability of this key nutrient.

CoQ-Complete® is a unique, patent-pending formulation of CoQ10, d-Limonene, and natural tocopherols (vitamin E). Upon microscopic examination at 200x, a paste of CoQ10 powder and soybean oil exhibits a crystalline structure, while CoQ-Complete® is completely devoid of crystals because the CoQ10 has been solubilized.

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