II. Osteoporosis Consultations

Bone loss is the silent disease, as there are few to no indicators of trouble until it's too late. The bad news: half of all American women over 50 years old will experience a fracture related to bone loss. The good news: virtually all of these fractures are preventable.

Meet with Registered Pharmacist and Osteoporosis expert Dana Kurland to learn exactly how to assess your risk for bone loss, and take the appropriate measures if you're at risk. 

You'll need to bring the results of two lab tests to your consultation (no more than three months old):

1. Bone density (DEXA) scan
2. Vitamin D blood level (25-Hydroxy Vitamin D)

Dana will review your test results, and spend some time explaining exactly what they mean for you and your bones. Based on your answers to her questions, Dana will create a customized supplement regimen to help you maintain, and if necessary, build bone mass. She'll also create a schedule for you that makes taking your supplements easy. 

With a resource like Dana, staying on top of bone health has never been simpler. Avoid the perils of premature fractures, disability, and pain. Schedule a one-on-one consultation by clicking on the button below.

45-minute Osteoporosis Consultation: $75.00


Please call us if you need an appointment time that's not available in the Book Now calendar. 520-886-1035.