Some patients are real animals.

Compounding is more than a people-solution: animals get sick, too. And when they do, customized medicine can make all the difference. Would a dog prefer a large chalky pill, or a bacon-flavored treat? You know the answer. Compounding allows us to customize the form each medicine takes, like flavored drops you can put in your pet's food. So thanks to compounding, administering medicines to a sick animal is easier and more effective than ever.

At Prescription Lab, we have more than 15 years of experience compounding pain medications, valley fever medicines, anti-inflammatories, and dozens of other formulas for animals. We work hand-in-hand with veterinarians to create the ideal solution every time.

If your vet gives you a prescription for compounding, tell them you want the experts at Prescription Lab to fill it. We have so many ways to make your pet's medicine perfect, right down to their choice of flavors.



Touch his nose to let him know you have a delicious treat.