Prescription Lab Compounding Pharmacy

Since 1997, the pharmacists and technicians at Prescription Lab have been crafting custom compounded medicines at our lab in Tucson, Arizona. We adhere to the strictest standards for quality and consistency.

Learn about our Quality Control Officer here.

We also specialize in vitamins, minerals and supplements called nutraceuticals, which are supplements that are designed and built to the same high standards as pharmaceutical medicines. Hand selected by a team of pharmacists and certified clinical nutritionists, the supplements we carry stand at the top for purity, potency, and bio-availability.

If you're in Tucson, Arizona, please accept our invitation to come to the Lab. Speak with a Lab Technician about the over the counter formulas that can address the issues you've encountered. From energy to sleep, allergies to adrenal problems, and everything in between, there are state of the art formulas here just waiting to be discovered.

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